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I'm interested in anything independent / resistance / community mediamakers could useI am longtime activist and educator and now emerging filmmaker that has been exploring how the tech creative communities could support community media or community inspired media makers. Also, non-for-profit organizations and / or resistance groups … See more
Marco Castro-BojorquezActivist & Documentary Filmmaker · Asked
Which is your favorite podcast?I would like to know from the community members about their favorite podcast series that they can recommend to others.
keyulMaker of Bot Stash, Product Huntian · Asked
Best cryptocurrency portfolio trackerLooking for some lightweight web-based cryptocurrency portfolio tracker
Chrome extension or other solutions to leave a note for yourself across all pages based onchrome extension or other solutions to leave a note for yourself across all pages based on the domain of the site?
Tettra AlternativeHi! I'm looking for an alternative to Tettra ( that allows me to have a database that's searchable on slack. thank!
mario guidoux0E1 Arquitetos · Asked
Where can I find a 'Product Hunt Consultant'?Although, I signed up to PH years ago, I never spent too much time on it. Absolutely gutted! I'm learning how useful PH is to promote a software tool. Launched a Free B2B Chrome Extension for lead generation. Collecting phone numbers, emails, social… See more
Raj AnandChief Lantern at Goodman Lantern · Asked
Free, easy to use expense tracker for iPhone?I am going to start a new job and relocate and I want to make sure that the salary is good enough to support a good living so for the first month I'm going to track my expenses to see how much will I approximately spend each month. Any good recommen… See more
Cristian BuleandraPassionate webdev, userTrack creator · Asked
Is there any spam trap service for spammers (startups mumbos)?Yes, I know postfix is good but not enough for me, just want ruin domain and IP reputation of these guys. If there is not, i will work on it with mixin python&selenium cocktail.
Selçuk AhmetCo-Founder of At Kafası (horsehead) · Asked
Startups that never raised money from VCs or Angels and still made it BigI am planning to research all these companies and find if they had some common traits
Vikas JhaDigital Entrepreneur & Ex- VC · Asked
How to advertise your app as a start up?What tools are useful for marketing an app on Google Play or IOS
Go TherapyGo Therapy, LLC · Asked
What are affordable housing options for a few months?Leases are typically more than a few months, Airbnb is less than a few months, and is pretty expensive for the day-to-day breakdown, so is there a middle ground option besides hotels that are usually pretty expensive too.
John AbabsehEpiphany Enthusiast · Asked
Super simple diary/journaling app?Somthing really minimal, almost like the Apple note app?
Any site that allows me to see Twitter feed through the eyes of specific people?Based on the people that they follow, allow me to see what they see. I know that there was one for instagram that got shot down, but I can't find a twitter version, which should be easier since it's open.
How do I get investors to listen to my pitch and get my idea out there?I know what market I want to reach out to but I haven't been heard so far.