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Aswin BakshiFounder, Bordo

Which is best calendar app beyond Google, Apple and Outlook Calendars

I am looking for best calendar app where I can share my calendar publicly to schedule meetings easily.
Top recommendations
Meetingbird Supercharge your team's meetings
Calendly Simple, beautiful scheduling.
  1. Ildi XhaholliCreative Artist

    What is the best way to track/collect cryptocurrency prices by the hour?

    I have a portfolio of 20 crypto currencies. Would like to track/collect hourly prices for each crypto on individual exchanges (Bittrex for example). I have played around with IFTTT and Google Sheets but haven’t found a working solution yet that gives accurate results.
  2. Cherian ThomasVP, Think and Learn (Byjus)

    What some good tools to make presentations rock?

    Good graphics, graphing, cliparts etc.
  3. Beverly TanI make videos and write. 100% hireable

    I want to start accepting cryptocurrencies as payment for my business. How?

    My preference is Ethereum over Bitcoin due to the high transfer fees involved with Bitcoin. I'm definitely open to many options as I'm still exploring this possibility. What apps or systems are highly recommended? Billing amounts will be either around $50 or between $500-$2k.
  4. Jp ValeryCommunity @ RobotShop / Ex-Gameloft

    What tool do you use to build your resume?

    Looking to update my resume and would like to crowdsource opinions :) I need it to be able to export as PDF and do it in a way that it can be auto-scanned by application tools (my previous export was read backward by the application software (for instance my cell number would be )DCBA instead of ABCD). I could do it from scratch in Adobe, but I'm looking for something more efficient and cost-effective. Obviously the designs must be good! StandardResume is not working anymore for me and the dev is not replying to my messages /shrug.
  5. Julián AbadDigital Marketing & Innovation

    Which software do you use to track your investments?

    People rarely invest in 1 asset (cryptos, stocks...) or using 1 broker (banks, professional brokers...) Do you know a software where you can aggregate a simulation of ALL your different investments so you can check their evolution with just a quick view?
  6. ANKIT NARAYAN SINGHCo founder, ParallelDots

    What are best free tools to create interactive documentation for your APIs?

    We need to host the documentation on our server and make them public.
  7. Tyler Swartzmaker of things

    What apps have a great first-time user walkthrough?

    I'm close to finishing up the mvp of my iOS side project, Savor & West, and realized I probably need a welcome walkthrough for first time users. I've been looking around for some inspirations. Do any apps with a great first time user walkthrough come to mind that I should check out?
  8. Beverly TanI make videos and write. 100% hireable

    What is a minimalistic task manager app?

    I'm looking for a to-do list app that integrates between my laptop and phone. A lot of the ones I've found just have too much going and I'm looking for something clean and simple. There's just something gratifying about clicking a "done" checkbox.
  9. Which is the best currency converter app for iOS? And why?

    I'm one of the developer of Valuta EX ( and I would like to know what do you search for in a currency converter app. Why would you prefer an app instead of googling? And how would you chose among two currency converter apps? Have you some apps do you like most? Why?
  10. Vindya GunawardanaCo-Founder @MuchCast

    What is the best app to gather twitter data easily for any kind of social research?

    I'm looking for a tool that can simply get access to social data , (specially twitter) and export them easily to use in my marketing research. It would be beneficial if it provides sentiment analysis for the tweets too.
  11. Ammar AlakkadWeb Developer, frontend/backend.

    How to choose a good brand name?

    What are the most important bits of advice you find useful when choosing a product name (that needs a domain)? I'm always confused when I've to choose a brand name for an online product/website.
  12. Walter SomervilleSr. Interaction Designer, Walmart Labs

    What apps or tools are you using to support your New Years resolutions?

    I've been making a point to get more organized, and have found a combination of Airtable, Bear, and Things 3 to work just about perfectly. More specifically, I've wanted to learn game development for a while, so I finally jumped on a few courses on Udemy. The tutorials are fantastic, but I've also been really surprised by how well thought out the Udemy platform is, lots of great touches that make learning and interacting with the instructor/community so much easier. What apps or tools are you using to achieve and maintain your New Years resolutions?
  13. Anthony KellyCo-founder, Apalaa

    What are the best free online platform to create video ads?

    I'm trying to create a video ad campaign for our demo app. Tried Spark and iMove, but I was wondering if there is easier platforms to use. Thank you!
  14. Max BourinovBest products for live!

    What is the best self-hosted Google Docs alternative?

    Looking for a software that has online drive, word processor and spread sheet editor... Everything like Google has, but self hosted.
  15. MickFounder of http://SongBox.Rocks

    What app do you use to buy and sell shares?

    I’ve used Coinbase successfully to buy and sell crypto. It’s ease of use is incredible. I’m looking for something like that for regular stock market buying and selling.
  16. TomWeb Gardner

    What's the best way to track timezones?

    I'm looking for a smart and easy way to figure out when to schedule a meeting across different timezones. Ideally something where I can see working hours around the globe and compare them to one another.
  17. Harrison KuglerEntrepreneur

    What is your absolute favorite cryptocurrency tool or resource?

    We all use CoinMarketCap and Coinbase, but I am wondering what YOUR favorite tool, service, or even product is in this space. Thanks in advance for taking your time to answer the question...
  18. MickFounder of http://SongBox.Rocks

    What large successful companies are known to follow the principles of The Lean Startup?

    I'm trying to show a buddy of mine who is somewhat more traditional in his business thinking that operating Lean isn't just a gimmick / fad.
  19. Nirnay PatelI do growth stuff

    What is the first app you check as soon as you wake up?

    The first app I check is iPhone alarm app. Have to turn off those gazillion amounts of alarms I set.