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ARKit is enabling a host of new applications, what are your favorite ones? 😻
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AR Measure - Now AirMeasure Turn your phone into a ruler with the power of AR
Made With ARKit Hand-picked curation of the coolest stuff made with ARKit
Holo Mix holograms into videos & photos in Augmented Reality
  1. Nick Abouzeid 🕴Social & Growth at Product Hunt
    Looking for some fun stuff to give as gifts 🏠
  2. Shaan Puriceo, Monkey Inferno
    Aggregate user requests/bug reports so we don't get the same report 10x
  3. I'm looking for a book which will help me to learn how to manage a team. How to be a part of a team, a great colleague but still be able to push the team and a product forward.
  4. Raymond Aditya PradhanaDesigner & Engineer
    Looking for ease-of-use, functionality, customization, creativity, etc.
  5. Elise GrahamHead of Product Design | Olivia AI
    Context: Pulling different data points from Segment into a software where we can track all customer actions. Currently looking at Pendo but welcome any other softwares!
  6. Greg Moore
    Interested in what apps are used to stay healthy, mindful, and fit.
  7. Intrepid EmPlayer One. Experience Strategy.
    With their increasingly oblique user experience it's time to explore a suitable alternative for macOS and iOS. Enpass and Secret seem interesting. Ideally with vault only shared locally over wifi and not in the cloud.
  8. This can be supplements, meal services, apps that help recording workouts, apps that track bar path for snatches and clean and jerks, or anything weightlifting related!
  9. Pooya CharmaraiSockSeed Co-founder
    I am looking for a tool to have screencast of our platform to share it on Social media
  10. Alex MarshallHead of CX, Comms @HealthIQ, Prev@GSachs
    Sames rules as most bars: No politics, no religion and nothing that will stress me out more than my job 😂
  11. Chris Messina🏆 PH Community Member of the Year!
    There are so many approaches — but what tools do you use? Where do you source your beans?
  12. I'm looking for the easiest app to track my personal expense. Preferably a tool that is intuitive, quick and simple to use.
  13. Mitch
    Cool and useful tools to make my car driving experience easier, safer, and more enjoyable.
  14. Antoine PluFreelance Designer • Ex @Algolia
    I'm looking for a Mac menu app bar to replace the official "Date & time" with something that can manage multiple timezones with a simple click. Nothing fancy nor calendar management, just being able to display the city name in the bar with the local time. Any suggestion from remote people/teams?
  15. Andreas KlingerTech at Product Hunt 💃
    I regularly use the same gifs and don't want to google them all the time. I remember i saw an app like this on Product Hunt but can't recall the name.
  16. AngieFounder of YourApparel
    I want to start to learn how to code for iOS in 2018🙌. What is in your experience, the best service to start out? I am looking for a course that is perfect for beginners, preferably with instruction videos but other options are welcome too. Would love to hear from those who just started out too.
  17. Eric WilsonProduct Lead & Co-founder,
    I'm looking for ways to automate employee onboarding and provide a great experience to new hires. Anything from organizing the process to automatically sending emails or creating accounts.
  18. Veasna OnnBuilding Something Useful
    I'm trying to connect with some top influencers in specific fields for my new project and Quora and Google doesn't appear to be effective. Are there any other resources out there to use?
  19. Ben TossellSomething new
    You know you see those products and think FUCK why didn't I launch that!!! yeah, that.