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What's a good subscription tracking app for Android (UK)?I used to have Bobby (aka Billy) on my iPhone but since I switched I'm finding it difficult to track down an app that works on Android.
MaxI just like tech · Edited
What is the best alternative to Things 3 but for Android?I'm currently using Trello as my personal and collaborative productivity system for my Android but the Things 3 trial on my Mac made me fall in love. Does anyone have a good alternative that has an extremely well designed experience?
What's the best malware protection software for Mac?Have you downloaded malware protection or some sort of security software for Mac OS? What's the best one you've used? Why?
What's the best app for brainstorming ideas?- Like a virtual whiteboard - On desktop / web (mobile optional)
Garros LiCo-Founder at Edusight | YC / IK12 alum · Asked
What's the best travel bag?I'm going on a three week trip later this year, through Tanzania. I want a bag which I can store all the clothes I need plus some extra little bits. I'll be bringing my valuables on Carry On (with a Peak Design Backpack) but would love a really solid… See more
Cian Mac MahonSoftware Engineer, HubSpot · Asked
What is the best camera app for iPhone?Hey everyone! I'm using iPhone 6s and I have Argentum app for B&W photos and I'm so happy with that app. Looking for a new app to capture colorful photos. What is your suggestion? Thank you all!
Yigit PinarbasiProduct Designer, Design Lead @epcsht · Asked
What's the best app for tracking medications?There are apps that will track my cellular data usage such as My Data Manager, which takes your cellular data plan monthly maximum as input and warns you if your cellular usage is on track to exceed that amount. Why isn’t there a medication app that … See more
Chuck KahnAssistant Editor, Freelance · Edited
Is there an app to track the roads I've been traveled?Been wanting this for a long time but never found it. I want an app that saves the roads I've been through (like a workout) but instead of having to cycle through all the work outs to check where I've been, I'd like to have a map with all the roads p… See more
Jose Pitaautomation tester · Edited
What is the next big social media app?What do you think is the next Instagram, Twitter or Vine?
Braxton HuffFounder of Porter, Creator, UI Designer · Asked
Is there a free library for sound effects that one can use for their videos?Looking for a Pexels like website where instead of stock photos, I find stock sound effects (like winds blowing, etc.) that I can use in my videos.
Karthik · Asked
What's a good product for CRUD (Back office) for MySql database?I've seen that product here on PH but I can't find it now. What was it?
Arsen IbragimovFounder & CEO at PAMAGRAM · Edited
How can I discover new musicians in my local area?It seems searching on SoundCloud is the best option, but honestly I haven't tried looking.. maybe Bandcamp's search feature? I remain curious
Jonathan JamesAlways Reaching. · Edited
What's the best knowledge base tool for teams?Like an internal wiki fueled with the team's questions & answers + best practices.
App or service that lets you co-ordinate lunch location with friends?I am looking for an app where friends together can suggest different restaurants (or any hangout spot), vote for them and make life easier to pick one. Don't need to exit the app, look for restaurants in Yelp and then suggest in chat/app.
Bhushit AgarwalJob Huntr. Geek. · Asked