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Steven KrygerDigital Marketing Specialist.

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  1. Angel NikolovSeek help, get help, be the help!

    Which is the best customer service online chat tool?

    I want to know which is the best online chat tool you've used to reach out for help while browsing a store? Helpdesk? Intercom? Of all your conversations, how many times were you helped with context-specific information, compared to the times you were helped with generic answers?
  2. What are your must-have Mac apps/utilities?

    I am just trying to find great Mac tools that could help me enjoy my macOS experience even more!
  3. Sutrishna SahaDigital Marketing Manager

    What are the best apps for students?

    The apps which can help students to boost up their knowledge as well as entertain them.
  4. Denis AnisimovCTO -

    How would you pitch a tech product to your grandmother?

    Please pick a product and pitch it to your grandmother (yes, yours! the context matters). I'm looking for good ways of explaining products simply. P.S. love you, grandma 😘
  5. Aswin BakshiFounder, Bordo

    What is the best product for outbound sales

    I am looking for a product to manage my outbound sales and manage my sales team
  6. Braxton HuffFounder of Porter, Creator, UI Designer

    What mail app do you use and why?

    I just read Spark's privacy policy and I don't agree with it. I am thinking of switching to a new mail app? Which do you use and why?
  7. What are your favourite tools for managing remote teams?

    Which tools would you recommend for managing remote teams and also keep in touch?
  8. What are some tools for interactive audience engagement?

    I want to engage the audience during my presentation and want to create some polls.
  9. james frewinHead of Creative @ Labstep

    Whats the best service for using/making attractive email templates?

    We've used Mailchimp and Autopilot and neither we're really nice enough to use or allowed us to make really nice looking emails (we're about to launch some new features and wanna do a nice announcement email). Looking for something with either really nice templates or a good builder with good features!
  10. jjjjared.Founder of StreamWork, Student

    What's a product you use to organize parties/events?

    As a college student, I'm looking out for apps/sites that are helpful when I'm planning parties and events.
  11. Douglas CorreaSenior Fullstack Developer

    What are your favourite product made by a solo entrepreneur?

    I'm wondering if there are many successfully products out there, made by solo entrepreneurs.
  12. Amrith ShanbhagCommunity at Product Hunt & Feathrd

    Have you been working on any project for more than 2 years now?

    If so, which one and how's it going so far? 😄
  13. MaheShresthaGadgetFreak | Engineer | Not an ALIEN

    What is the first app you look at as soon as you are awake?

    You just awoke, but you can't help yourself getting out of the bed unless you visit that one app!
  14. lirpaWeb Developper

    What is the best web app to track my crypto investments?

    I'm looking for the best web app to track my altcoin. Probably a profit calculator etc
  15. Miko AbesamisFreelancer

    I'm new to Cryptoassets, which one should I choose?

    If you know Cryptokitties this one is for you. I found two new cryptoassets such as BitPet and TronDogs which will be launching soon. I was wondering which of the two should I start with? I didn't choose Cryptokitties as I wanted to start on these two upcoming cryptoassets before they get established.
  16. Ryan HooverFounder, Product Hunt

    What are some of your favorite products built by bootstrappers?

    The tech industry tends to glorify venture funding, associating investor commitments as an illustration of success. Of course, venture funding is a means to an end and many talented makers choose not to raise capital for their startup. Name some of your favorite products and companies built by bootstrappers.
  17. Shannon BrackenSitterFriends Community Manager

    What is the best app for childcare?

    What are some of the best apps for parents that help in taking care of their children?
  18. Which is the best event management platfom?

    I am looking for marketing automation platform related to event industry.
  19. Anna KimGoodbye Payroll Stress @ Gpayroll

    What are some of the payroll & HR apps that you use?

    Are you using any online applications to manage your payroll and HR matters? What applications do you use and how is your experience?