Tailored Posts by Buffer

Craft the perfect update for every social platform in one go


Suprasanna Mishra
@suprasannam · Product Manager, Buffer
Hey Hunters! I’m Super, a product manager at Buffer and I’m so excited we’re launching Tailored Posts for our browser extension to you today! As social networks continue to diverge in their overall tone, content, audience and features, it’s become more and more critical for brands to tailor their messages by network - even for the same exact piece of conten… See more
Lisa Dziuba
@lisadziuba · Swift Learner & FlawlessApp.io Founder
Congratulations on the launch! Firstly, I love Buffer awesome blog and your open culture (big hi 🙌 to Jordan from iOS team). 😑 And now the honest feedback part: 1. I didn't get what's unique about your proposal... I always customize my messages for the network. Now we are using Twitter & Facebook and it doesn't take much time. I can manually schedule… See more
Stef Lewandowski
@stef · Founder, Makelight
@ay8s Great! I was thinking of having to write something like this myself to be able to have different planned messages per platform. This should save a lot of work!
Tom Benattar
@tombenattar · Head of Growth Salesmachine
Good job Buffer crew! 🙌 Way to go for helping marketers build quality and tailored content! 💪
Sarim Haq
@sarim_haq · AI Whisperer @ caspy.com
Wow, this seems like such a no-brainer. Good job Buffer 👍👍👍